Friday, July 25, 2014


And cucumbers, and green beans, and marigolds.  But first, our new tree!  And second, a new place for our picnic table.

The tree: a kousa dogwood planted coincidentally the morning that Anne's mother Ruth died.  We've ordered a plaque with her dates and the tree will be in her memory.

And the picnic table is now nearer the porch (duh!) and much more "user friendly."  We've already had folks over for bbq's and are enjoying the new set up immensely.
The garlic bed
Garlic harvest

And the garden!  Let's hear it for garlic-planted last fall and harvested at the end of July.  Four different kinds-China Dawn, Russian Red, Georgia Fire and Leningrad.  Some large, some smaller, all delicious and very special!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What happened to the summer of 2013?

Well, we got married in October of 2013 and that sort of took precedence over the garden.  And of keeping the blog updated.

So in the next post I'll bring us up-to-date!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring? Who can tell, the weather has been so weird!

Last fall we had Mary Ellen of Verdesign develop a plan for our garden.  She did an amazing job and we've been so pleased.

She suggested that we plant spring bulbs in the front and back of the house.  We hesitated-and now that they are up I can't imagine why.

 This is a shot taken from the back yard, looking up at the vegetable garden.  We never had flowers here - we never really thought of it as part of our garden.  We put the bench there to look down the ravine, and the "seasonal stream" which in the past few years has been more like an ongoing marsh.

We have yellow daffs, daffs with orange trumpets, all facing south as they strain to reach the sun.
Front bed
This is a shot of the front of the house, looking to the right of the front door as you face the house.  The vegetable garden is in the upper right.  The andromeda have great color; the forsythia in the back pick up the yellow of the daffodils in the front.

Before the daffodils bloomed we had snow drops-starting on New Year's Day for heaven sake!

The "piece de resistance" was our magnolia tree, which Mary Ellen moved to the back of the house and which got a lot of sun this year.  Here's a shot before the frost killed the flowers :(

We counted 11 flowers and then we had frost.  Every magnolia in the neighborhood looks as though the flowers were burned-all brown and shriveled.

I think my favorite new view is the view of the center circle (which is really an oval). The ferns that will arrive later in the spring are sending up their fiddleheads, and in a few days it will be full of grape hyacinths, but right now it's a profusion of daffodils.

This picture doesn't really show off the sun dial in the center but I hope you get the basic idea.
Center with daffodils
Happy spring, everyone!  And happy gardening.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Images from the garden before the heat wave

Things were coming along best before the heat of early July, and then all the specialty bugs, worms, caterpillars and who knows what else. You know--plant asparagus, get asparagus beetles, plant squash, get squash borers. ETC. Anyway, these are pretty pictures.


Softneck and hardneck.

August: the garden is at its peak

We have a ton of stuff from the garden, even though we lost our zucchini to squash borers and most of our cukes. These pictures tell the story-that's a huge head of cabbage, from which we hand picked a ton of cabbage worms and drowned in soapy water (and we probably ate some, too).

We're still getting strawberries (you can see them in front on the cutting board but some critter got most of them-not sure which critter).
We've harvested Black Krim heirloom tomatoes - those are the ones with the little bit of a crack in them. They were fabulous. Note the two types of potato-red and yukon gold.

And the real surprise? Banana peppers, all from one plant. Anne has become convinced that Mel Bartholomew might really know what he's talking about: Square Foot Gardening here we come!

Our garden doesn't look like his-yet. We've got the raised beds, all we need now is the plan.

July photos

No pictures of the garden, just of the bounty of the garden: potatoes! What a surprise this was (even though we planted them, neither one of us expected that they would really grow!). Look at how happy Anne is with our 2 1/2 pounds of red potatoes. They were delicious and very, very special.

We also got beans, both green and purple. These have been fabulous, and I've really enjoyed making a green bean and potato salad with a mango yogurt dressing (last night with a cumin yogurt dressing!) from Moosewood Low Fat Favorites Recipes, one of our favorite cookbooks. Here's a link to the Moosewood Restaurant site, if you're interested.

This has been the best garden year yet!